Ford Goes Looking for the Sun

James Wants to See Everything

I am very proud of both these books. I like to describe my writing style as Story Text.
Story because they are simple, fun, adventuresome, and interesting stories to read.
Text because they offer science education to their readers!

Ford Goes Looking for the Sun is the quest of a curious boy who goes looking for the Sun.  His mission is to ask the Sun a question.

James Wants to See Everything is the story about a curious girl who wants to see everything with her own eyes. When James finds out that some things are invisible, she gets sad, but her cat Max comes to the rescue.

Even though each story is quite simple, science concepts run deep as they are told. Children are introduced to the wondrous magic of science in the world around them.

The books are perfect for STEM learning in the elementary school classroom. They are also perfect for parents who know that children need to understand the importance of science in a modern world.

Within each two-page illustration is a ‘hidden word or symbol’ for children to find. These words and symbols are science concepts which relate directly to the story. More importantly, they provide scientific information that can be further studied and explored with a parent or teacher.

A key to the hidden words and symbols, along with additional information, can be found on the two reference pages at the back of the book.

Joseph Settecasi

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